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Happy Customers 

These are some of the wonderful testimonials & reviews our customers have given us over the years!

My Kind of People!

We had to replace an old washer, I called several local businesses to take the old washer, but they all charged a fee. A family member told me about Anything With A Plug I called Friday evening, set an appointment time for Saturday morning. They were prompt and friendly, my kind of people!


Dec 31, 2012


FFC - What does that stand for?

Fast, Friendly, and Courteous. Who could ask for more?
My washer went out mid load. what a headache! We went to the store and bought another, we needed it right then. So we took it home ourselves. Problem is, now what to do with the broken one?
Luckily, I knew of this awesome local company, Anything With A Plug Recycling, so off to the computer I went. I sent an e-mail and got an immediate response. I also had the dryer in the backyard from when it gave out on us awhile back. So, with one simple e-mail, I set up a pick up with these guys. They came by promptly and boy were they quick, loaded up the truck and talked for a few. Then off they went, leaving my yard appliance free.
I will gladly recommend this local company to all I know. They do pick ups, while saving the landlls. They were also very professional looking in their company shirts. FFC! Try it, what can it hurt?


Dec 30, 2012


A Wonderful Resource...!

What a wonderful resource for any community to have in this day of “disposable” everything! Take advantage of this service - either have them pick up your items, or drop them off yourself. They take nearly Anything With a Plug!! Great work!!

Cathy Mott Roth

Jan 16, 2014 (Facebook)


Recycle "Things With Plugs"

I heard about this great “green” company that recycles “things with plugs.” I said to myself, “Perfect! Now I can rid myself of the huge clutter on the back porch, and it will not go to the landll.” Called Dennis and he was there the same day! I was so ecstatic that he showed up and was so so pleasant and prompt. I have referred to other friends, and they have had the same wonderful pleasant experience I have. I will continue to spread the word about this wonderful company! Please do the same. A+ service in my book.

Allison W.

Dec 31 , 2012


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