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Electronics Recycling / Removal Service in Wake & Durham Counties, NC


Founder and Owner of Anything With a Plug Inc., Dennis Carter, grew up around many factories and mills in Dayton, Ohio. Dennis wondered where these items went after their usefulness was over. The answers startled him … dumpsters and ultimately landfills.

Over time, the landfills overflowed with junk, and much of that junk contained harmful, toxic material. Most people didn’t know just how harmful their electronic waste was. And some maybe, didn’t care. Even if people did care, they didn’t have a responsible, affordable, and convenient way to dispose of broken, burned out appliances and electronic waste until recently.

Dennis decided to do something about it. In summer of 2012, Dennis started Anything With a Plug to help people dispose of unused, broken, or unwanted electronics in an environmentally safe way. They started with residential removal, but because of the community’s urgent need, they quickly expanded to serve businesses, community organizations, and governmental agencies.

Anything With a Plug works with everyone – from real estate offices and thrift stores to medical offices and commercial property owners.

Anything With a Plug recycles everything locally in an environmentally sound manner. Almost nothing goes to the landfill.

Sensitive Data

But what about sensitive financial and personal data on old, worn out computers, phones, and other devices?

Dennis physically disassembles the drive. If you wish, we can disassemble it right in front of you. You can be assured that your personal information will not be at jeopardy.

Unfortunately, there are a few items that have plugs but do not have enough recyclable material - NO TUBE AKA CRT TVs NOR MONITORS, Projection-Style Televisions and Console/Furniture Televisions. We haven't found a way to recycle them, so we cannot accept them for removal.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact Dennis via phone, text, or email. They will be happy to get your Wake or Durham County office, business, or residence worked into the pickup schedule.

Or you can bring your items to a specially scheduled Anything With a Plug Recycling Day. When you do, you’ll benefit the sponsoring organization as well.

Clean off your shelves! Clean out your closets! But don’t throw it in the dumpster or the trash either! Don’t take up valuable storage space for electronic items you will never use or repair! Call Anything With a Plug!

Call, text, or email to get on the schedule for the next pickup day in your area. If you are a business, organization, or governmental agency, you will want to fill out and email the Inventory Recycle Form. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

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